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Drive your Cloud Cattle

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Vaquero is a tool that lets you rapidly, repeatably and reliably generate your application’s virtual infrastructure from a simple set of definition files. It is currently in very early, very heavy development, and still has a way to go before its first official release.

Our goal with Vaquero is to have a single tool to provision and bootstrap all the VMs needed for a web application platform, as well as maintain that platform over its lifecycle. Starting with the platform definition file, you lay out all the components you need to support your application: web servers, cache servers, app servers, etc. You can then generate any number of environments (for example: integration, QA, staging and production) and even override any configurations in a per-component or per-environment basis.

More details will definitely be coming soon, as well as configuration examples and code.

Start treating your cloud-based application servers less like pets, and more like the cattle they are. Simplify the creation and management of your herd, and let Vaquero drive your cloud cattle!